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Baseus tempered glass HONOR X30 0.3mm transparent (2 pcs) (SGBL024302)


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Baseus tempered glass HONOR X30 0.3mm transparent (2 pcs) (SGBL024302)

Durable Baseus tempered glass. It will protect each screen from damage in the event of a fall. The glass absorbs the energy generated by the impact and spreads it over its surface. Thanks to this, only the applied glass breaks. The glass is resistant to cracks and scratches.

The most important features:

  • High-quality material
  • Perfect fit to the screen
  • High transparency and touch sensitivity
  • Ultrathin fast
  • Greater hardness, resistance to cracking and chipping

High level of protection

Glass provides a high level of screen protection against dirt and scratches. Perfect for everyday use.

Easy to install

Thanks to the included installation tools, the application of the glass is as simple, quick and convenient as possible. It is enough to clean the screen, apply the foil and press it, removing the air bubbles that appear.

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