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Baseus Rapid 3in1 USB cable – USB Type C / Lightning / micro USB for charging and data transfer 1.2m blue (CAJS000003)



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Baseus Rapid 3in1 USB cable – USB Type C / Lightning / micro USB for charging and data transfer (all plugs) 1.2m blue (CAJS000003)

The multi-functional USB charging and data cable with 3 plugs is a must in every home! It is perfect for powering popular electronic devices – telephones, lamps, small fans and others.


  • Brand: Baseus
  • Material: aluminum alloy + nylon braided wire
  • Data transfer speed: 480 Mbps
  • Connector type: USB – micro USB + Lightning + USB Type C
  • Cable length: 1.2 m

Set contains:

  • 1 x charging cable with 3 tips

The most important features:

  • Fast charging – 60% of the battery in just 30 minutes!
  • Express data transfer at 480 Mbps
  • Charge up to 3 devices at the same time
  • Free use at home, car, office
  • Convenient cable management handle.

Very solid workmanship

The nylon braided cable bends easily, but it does not break, crack or deform it. Aluminum alloy details are strong and the ends fit perfectly into the ports.

One for all

The perfect accessory for all devices with USB Type C, micro USB and Lightning ports. Why do you need 3 cables when you only need one?

Up to 3 devices at the same time

The fight for priority loading is a thing of the past. 3 plugs allow you to restore the energy of up to 3 devices at the same time!

Instant and safe charging

The current of 3 A and the pure copper cable guarantee fast and safe charging.

Intelligent management chip

It adjusts the appropriate voltage to a specific device, ensuring optimal and stable energy renewal. Your equipment will get exactly the amount of electricity it needs.

Aluminum plugs

Elegant and durable. Resistant to abrasion and oxidation. Even after many connections, they will still plug into ports smoothly and reliably.

Nylon braid

The cord is placed in a strong, nylon braid. It is extremely durable and very pleasant to the touch. You don't have to worry about the entire cable being thrown away with an accidental tug.

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