BASEUS car holder to air vent gravity Lateral Gravity SUYL-HU0S silver



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Gravity car mount to the air outlet. Perfect for 4.7 ” – 6.5 ” phones.
Compact size, 360-degree adjustment and easy assembly makes trouble free in daily use.

Horizontal Flat Structure: The horizontal telescopic design will extend automatically when putting down a phone and retract when picking it up.

Gravity Ganged: The clamp extends and retracts automatically with the gravity of a phone and firmly fixes the phone.

Metal Design: The new bright matte metal is unfading, beautiful and more durable.
Not Block Air Outlets: It is applicable to all types of vehicles without blocking the vision and air outlets, plug-and-play.

Anti-slip Silicone: Enhance friction and prevent mobile phones from slipping and scratching.

Material: Metal + ABS
Type of holding: clamp
Fixing: air outlet
Compatibility: 4.7 ” – 6.5 ” phones (55-84 cm wide)

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