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BASEUS cable USB / Typee C 4w1 Type C to Micro + Lightning 8-pin + Type C 100W PD Qi green CA2T3-06


Παράδοση 4 έως 10 ημέρες

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 6953156229853 Κατηγορία

Multifunctional cable with dual USB-C / USB-A connectors and three Micro USB / USB-C / Lightning inputs. Versatile use! Three different ports: Micro USB, USB-C and Lightning are suitable for charging various phones quickly. Two output ports: USB-C and USB-A, thanks to which we can connect our devices regardless of the charger or port on a laptop / computer. The USB-C port supports 100W 5A / 20V power, supporting fast charging on phones, tablets, Power Banks, etc. The Lightning port reaches 20W, supporting Apple charging for iPhone 12 phones, and 18W on the Micro. Speed and safety! Instant and safe charging with a current of up to 5 A and a pure copper cable guarantee quick and safe energy renewal. Equipped with an intelligent chip that regulates the output voltage, current and power distribution. Durable construction! Strong braid – 4 times more durable than standard cables. The optimal length (1.2 m) ensures comfortable use and does not restrict movement while charging. It has an LED indicator that informs about the charging speed. The set includes a Velcro strap for easy carrying and storage of the cable. Specification: Material: aluminum + nylon Connectors: USB-A, 2 * USB-C, Micro USB, Lightning Length: 1.2 m Power: – USB – USB-C: 5A – USB – Lightning: 2.4A – USB – Micro USB 2A (QC 18W) – USB-C – USB-C: Power Delivery 100W – USB-C – Lightning: Power Delivery 20W – USB-C – Micro USB QC 18W Current: 5V / 3.5A (when connecting 2 or 3 devices simultaneously) Data transmission: 480 Mbs Supported technologies: Power Delivery, Quick Charge Compatibility: devices with Micro USB, USB-C, Lightning connectors In the set: Velcro strap for easy transport and storage of the cable Manufacturer’s code: CA2T3-06

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