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Baseus A3 wireless Vacuum Cleaner 135 W 15000 Pa black (CRXCQA3-0A)



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Baseus A3 wireless car vacuum cleaner 135 W 15000 Pa

The handheld wireless vacuum cleaner is useful in any house, office and car. It is known for high-quality manufacture, efficient operation and reliability. It has high suction power to help you keep areas clean and remove all dirt from surfaces in short time. As there are no cables, this product is mobile and suitable for outdoor use too. When the battery is full, it can operate for 17-45 minutes (depending on a working mode).


  • Brand: Baseus
  • Suction power: 15000 Pa
  • Input: 5 V/2.1 A(Max)
  • Rated power: 135 W
  • Battery capacity: 4×2000 mA
  • Battery power: 28.8 Wh
  • Charging time: 3-5 h
  • Use time: High suction power: ca. 17 minutes, standard suction power: ca. 45 minutes
  • Volume: <75dB
  • Charging port: USB Type C (support to QC3.0 for quick charging)
  • Size: 296 x 56,5 mm

Content of the set:

  • 1 x car vacuum cleaner
  • 1 x nozzle 2in1
  • 1 x tube
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x English manual

Major features:

  • High suction power lets you effectively and quickly remove hair, dust and crumbs
  • High-capacity battery assures long use time
  • LED backlight allows you to reach dark spots
  • Additional cleaning accessories can eliminate stubborn dirt too
  • Use of two filters – HEPA and steel – for improved performance
  • A large 70-ml dust tank
  • Wireless operation – vacuum cleaner can be used at home, in the office or garage
  • Battery status indicator.

Handy wireless vacuum cleaner

Lack of cables and no need to use the power cable provide users with considerable comfort of use. Charge the battery for 3-5 hours and then use the product for 17 minutes (maximum suction power) or even 45 minutes (standard suction power).

The vacuum cleaner is relatively quiet – the noise is below 75dB, which means it cannot disturb people who take a rest or work in the room.

Slender shape

Thanks to a slender shape, the vacuum cleaner is not only easy to hold but also compact enough to be hidden it in a pocket in the car or other small locker. This way you can always have it at hand!

Bright backlight

The housing is supplied with a light serving to illuminate areas in question. This is very helpful when you clean hard-to-access corners in the car or behind furniture. A digital battery indicator is also installed on the housing to inform you about battery status.

Supplied with accessories

Aside from a classic vacuum cleaner, the set includes two replaceable tips, one small and one with a brush.

Baseus A3 wireless Vacuum Cleaner 135 W 15000 Pa black (CRXCQA3-0A) baseus a3 car vacuum cleaner 1

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