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Apple MacBook Pro 14.2″ 2021 – 3mk FlexibleGlass Lite™ 15”



Κωδικός προϊόντος: 5903108445306 Κατηγορία

FlexibleGlass Lite™- The thinnest hybrid glass on the market

Almost imperceptible – unrivaled 0.16mm thickness

Safe – increases screen resistance by up to 200%

Easy to install – with Fit-In™ positioning stickers

Ultra-thin hybrid

FlexibleGlass Lite™ is a non-breakable hybrid glass that combines the flexibility of a protective film with the hardness of traditional glass. It is a softer and less expensive alternative to 3mk ‘s flagship product, FlexibleGlass™ hybrid. Hybrid glass does not crack and is harder to scratch. It strengthens the smartphone screen by absorbing impact energy. At the same time, it is virtually imperceptible and invisible. It is only 0.16mm thick. FlexibleGlass Lite™ is the thinnest hybrid glass on the market today

Strengthens your display

FlexibleGlass Lite™ hybrid glass strengthens the impact resistance of your screen by up to 200%. The flexible structure eliminates the risk of cracking and shattering, making your phone safer to use. An additional ceramic coating increases the glass’ scratch resistance to 6H. The result? You benefit longer from one discreet protection. FlexibleGlass Lite™ has the certificate of the Polish Product, the PZH certificate and the RoHS mark. You can be sure, that you choose a safe and proven smartphone protection – with test-proven parameters and reliable origin.

Perfect fit

Forget about bubbles and failed attempts to stick the glass! Included with FlexibleGlass Lite™ Hybrid Glass, you’ll find Fit-In™ positioning stickers that help you quickly and precisely align the protection to your smartphone’s screen. Thanks to laser manufacturing, the glass is tailored to fit your display. It has cut-outs for speakers, cameras and sensors. Additional support for the installation is a video instruction. You can buy FlexibleGlass Lite™ in versions dedicated to most smartphone models Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Motorola, Realme and other popular brands.

Kit includes: – FlexibleGlass Lite™ (front),- Anti-Bubble Card™,- moistened cloth,- dry cloth.
Warranty 24 months

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