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Jay, impact hazardous considering the occurrences of Entryway #twenty four and Admission ###### , relocates so you can a resorts

Jay, impact hazardous considering the occurrences of Entryway #twenty four and Admission ###### , relocates so you can a resorts

Entryway #23 and Entryway #twenty-four deal with Jay seemingly becoming teleported around basic Our house and their own home; when in Our home, doorways which should logically result in complete other places are designed to simply publish your around inside groups, at his personal place, he opens up the door out-of their bedroom and not appears out of the contrary, re-entering their room two hours afterwards, and no recall out of where he had been.

Admission #twenty-five shows a reports report that his apartment ended up being burnt down. Jay declares his old-age on study because of the fret however, recants when he receives a tape off Alex indicating The brand new Agent appearing ahead of himself and his spouse, Amy. Jay vows to determine how it happened so you can Alex.

Eight days later on , Jay gets upwards within the a strange hotel room from inside the a not known area, no memory of duration ranging from Entries. The guy sets out to ascertain where they are and how the guy had indeed there and you can matches their neighbor, Jessica, that is acting a while peculiar. it will get visible to help you Jay which he and you can Jessica are the actual only real patrons of one’s hotel and this the employees are the only real people apart from the pair of them there.

The guy seeks that it integration to your safe inside the Jessica’s place, but it is ineffective; the guy 2nd is able to open his very own safe involved

Jessica sooner appear clean and confesses that she, too, is missing a giant amount regarding this lady recollections and contains no suggestion why this woman is in the resorts. Jay says to their so you’re able to pack up the girl posts while having in a position to depart with him. Immediately following Jay bags, however, the guy finds out the woman area blank apart from a scrap off papers with “eleven ? 2” created involved. If you find yourself searching out the content, he’s attacked of the Disguised Son, that is visibly hobbling. Jay was able to refrain the hotel toward safe’s material, however, Jessica try no place to be seen.

Jay discovers that during the safer were tapes and you may a hard push which includes footage in the eight-times gap. The first clips shows your operating into the get back address on the brand new recording the guy had of Alex back into Entryway #26, and that happens to be a deserted strengthening. The guy returns to that strengthening into the Entry #thirty five, experiencing Alex, and then the Masked Child. New Disguised Kid attempts to stab Alex into the knife Jay destroyed within his 1st scuffle which have your, but he is simple because of the Alex. Alex brings off of the mask to reveal that it is Tim. Alex tries to crush Tim’s direct in the that have a rock but just functions from inside the bashing his base.

Later on, Jay follows Alex from woods, and Alex informs him the annals of the urban area, which appears to keep particular clues to what supply away from The newest Agent. Jay doesn’t seem to grasp the significance of the story.

In another particularly, shortly after agreeing to generally meet Alex on Rosswood Playground , Jay gets bored stiff and possibilities to your woods themselves, and then he knowledge The newest Agent. The guy works and you will drops his cam, but finds it in to the his vehicle when he and you will Alex get returning to the latest parking area.

He tries it consolidation toward safer from inside the Jessica’s space, however it is unproductive; he 2nd is able to unlock his own safe in it

Brian Thomas
Brian out-of MarbleHornets

Brian Thomas is a characteristics about ARG Marble Hornets and has been a friend of Alex’s. The guy makes most sparing styles.

His first looks was at the beginning of brand new collection for the numerous tapes in which it is found that he is a portion of the profile having Marble Hornets, but is consistently enraged and puzzled of the Alex’s emotions. In the event that tapes one to Jay got off Alex avoid, it is undecided concerning in which Brian are otherwise how it happened so you’re able to him.

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